ideazione Luigi De Angelis e Chiara Lagani
drammaturgia Chiara Lagani
regia Luigi De Angelis
musiche Mirto Baliani
realizzazioni scenotecniche Nicola Fagnani
con Lorenzo Gleijeses
e con la partecipazione speciale di Geppy Gleijeses

“Nets and fences can be mirrors. This is why the whole thing is scary.” (DFW)

“US [uhs] = Noi [ˈnoi] pron pers: a. the objective case of we, used as a direct or indirect object: They took us to the circus. She asked us the way.[...] c. US = You and I = Noi due [...] g.United States [...]” (Dal lemma “Noi” del Collins Italian Dictionary)

US is a dreamlike tennis match, played by a performer versus a tennis ball machine. A concrete and arcane object, that monster is not the enemy, it is rather the partner in a dance. With wild fury, the player goes beyond his own limits: he transcends, he gets better, he wins against himself. Endlessly. At the edge of the court the father/trainer umpires that impossible game, while the whole match catches fire to the hectic pace of the strokes, giving birth to the most paradoxical concert