ideazione Luigi De Angelis e Chiara Lagani
drammaturgia Chiara Lagani
regia Luigi De Angelis
musiche Mirto Baliani
con Lorenzo Gleijeses
e con la partecipazione di Geppy Gleijeses

“OPEN” is the transfigured radio commentary of an impos- sible and dreamlike tennis match. Through the expedient of live coverage, the voices of the reporters from real famous matches in history will mix up with the ones of our play- er (Lorenzo Gleijeses) and our umpire-father-coach (Geppy Gleijeses) in the match played in the court of US. Therefo- re, the radio drama ideally broadcasts a pre-recorded radio commentary, dizzily playing between reality and fiction on several thematic and linguistic levels, on the tradition of the great voices in sport radio broadcasting and on the devia- tions of sense between sport and religion already inquired by Fanny & Alexander starting from the show Discorso Cele- ste (Sky-blue Speech), that is, together with US and OPEN, the third stage of the Speeches Project.
US OPEN is the name of a famous tennis tournament, the fourth and final one of Grand Slam, which takes place between August and September in NY. US stands for United States, but it’s also the object pronoun. OPEN is the title of André Agassi’s discussed biography, by which the dragon tennis ball machine of US, conceived by the father to train his son, is inspired. But OPEN also means uncovered, free, wide, transparent, suspended. And open up, stretch, begin…