Discorso Celeste

ideazione Luigi De Angelis e Chiara Lagani
drammaturgia e costumi Chiara Lagani
regia, scene, luci Luigi De Angelis
musiche Mirto Baliani
immagini video ZAPRUDERfilmmakersgroup

con Lorenzo Gleijeses
e con la voce di Geppy Gleijeses

produzione E / Fanny & Alexander

More than a color, this Sky-blue is a Speech’s attempt of rounding down and reproducing the color and the light of the sky. In a figurative sense it refers to all that is heavenly, but it can also be used with regards to what’s excellent, extraordinary, of great virtue. An anti gravitational force, upwards, but also its opposite. An impulse to sink. Sky-blue Speech is part of the Speeches Project. After Grey Speech #Politics and Yellow Speech #Education, Sky-blue Speech inquires into the context of sport as religious experience.