Discorsi (2011/2014)

ideazione Luigi De Angelis e Chiara Lagani
progetto musicale The Mad Stork, Mirto Baliani, Francesco Giomi, Davide Sacco
drammaturgia Chiara Lagani
regia Luigi De Angelis

The project carries out a research, through a work on the form of speech, on the relationship between person and community, between individual and social group. What does public mean? What is common? When can a group that’s gathered around an individual be defined as a community?

Starting from the traditional primary forms of public speech declined in its various social contexts, political, pedagogical, religious, trade-union, legal and military speech, and also starting from the wound of a relationship between individual and community which is almost interrupted, six actors (Bergamasco, Cavalcoli, Gifuni, Gleijeses, Lagani, Mazza) with their flag colors (colorless grey, prescriptive yellow, heavenly sky-blue, female pink, legal violet, and danger red) will offer different provisional answers to these rough questions.

The research will develop into six shows and six radio dramas. A final collective event, speech of speeches, will group together the cores of the six shows.
The project will be developed into six directions:

#grey #Marco Cavalcoli #political
#yellow #Chiara Lagani #pedagogical
#sky-blue #Lorenzo Gleijeses #religious
#pink #Francesca Mazza #trade-union
#violet #Fabrizio Gifuni #legal
#red #Sonia Bergamasco #military